Famous Tall Cedars

This page is dedicated to all those Tall Cedars who  made a difference in the world around them. 

Inventor, Businessman Senator, Maryland Maryland House of Delegates Famous Masonic Writer PGM, DeMolay Leader
Backus, J. Clayton  
Ball, Hiram P. PGM, Businesman
Bessel, Paul Masonic Information Collector
Cook, Noel Speir  
Dern, George H. Past Grand Master
De Rousse, Louis T. New Jersey Legislature, Postmaster
Dougherty, Thomas R. Past Grand Master
Dudley, William Wallace Masonic Watch Maker
Ernette, James L. PGM, Businessman
Otto Gehrig, Jr. Past Grand Master
Gerald R. Ford President
Harding, Warren Gamaliel President
Hatefi, Mansour Past Grand Master
Lauver, Clair K.  Businessman, School Founder
Main, Wendell  County Auditor, Judge
Palmer, Arnold Professional Golfer
Ports, James F. Jr.  
Roberts, Allen E.  
Roosevelt, Franklin D First Presidential Tall Cedar
Ryland, William J. Military, Sojourner
Shenk, John Prof. Educator, Inventor, Writer
Tawes, J. Millard Governor of Maryland
Williamson, Samuel C.   

Ferguson, Lee

Grand Master of The District of Columbia In 2004

If you know of any Famous Tall Cedars that are not listed here, let me know.
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