Tall Cedars of Lebanon
of North America

Suggested & Encouraged Activities for December 2012

Here is the information I shared with you earlier in the year about Suggested & Encouraged Activities for December 2012.

  • Participate in the Installation of Officers for each of your Forest.
  • Remind the current officers about submitting the required Contest paperwork so that their Forest & themselves personally can be properly recognized for the work of 2012.
  • Remind the Scribe that the Annual Report will be due by the end of January & be sure he has received the paperwork from our Supreme Office. (This was sent out during this past month!!)
  • Ascertain the Name and contact information of the Membership Committee chairman or person and submit this information to the Supreme Forest Membership Committee and myself / S T C. (Hopefully many / most of these will have email!!)

And here are a few additional duties I need your assistance on:

  1. Be sure that each of your Forests fills out and sends in it’s Election of Officers report for 2013!! VERY Important that this be in the Mail no later than December 15, 2012 in order for our Supreme Office to be able to prepare our 2013 Roaster Book in time for our Mid Winter Conference!!
  2. Be sure to remind your Forests that all contributions for 2012 M D A Award credit must be in to our Supreme Office no later than December 15, 2012 in order to receive credit!!
  3. Also Mid Winter Conference registration forms with $ 100.00 per room Deposit in due in our Supreme Office no later than December 8, 2012. This is necessary so we can reserve the needed rooms with our Hotel.

Richard "Dick" Feeser, S T C - Elect